✐ Why is nutrition coaching important? How is it different from personal training?

Research shows that achieving your health goals is 70-80% diet and 20-30% exercise. While both are essential and compliment each other, there is no point spending hours in the gym each week only to set back your efforts with poor nutrition. While some personal trainers also offer nutrition advice, it pays to have a coach who specializes in the field.

Apart from weight management, nutrition also affects your digestion, sleep, energy levels, productivity, mood, emotional well-being, mental health, and a host of other chronic illnesses (like diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and autoimmune conditions)... Need we say more?

Every time you sit down at a meal, you can make a decision to either fuel your body or feed disease. Let us help you with that decision.


✐ What makes a good health coaching plan?

A good coaching plan:

  • Provides both structure and flexibility
  • Allows for customization - the ability to customize based on individual skill level, goals, health condition, availability, readiness and willingness
  • Sets goals that are simple, segmental, sequential, strategic and supported
  • Provides accountability - constant access to one's coach with reminders to practice the nutrition, exercise, or lifestyle habits that are currently being worked on
  • Is data-driven through the use of progress monitoring tools - measuring indicators at regular intervals is important to assess the efficacy of the plan, and to keep doing what works and change what isn't
  • Is based on solid nutrition principles that are evidence-based, not fad diets or heresay


✐ What is the difference between the 6-week and 3-month coaching program? How do i know which is suitable for me?

The 6-week "Reboot your Health" coaching program equips you with all the knowledge, skill set, and tools you need to continue on your health journey. However, beyond the 6 weeks, some individuals benefit from having a coach to continue setting goals with them and to provide accountability (we all know the importance of accountability and progress monitoring when trying to achieve long-term change). The 3-month "Transform your Health" coaching program does just this - it is an extension of the 6-week program, with continued support from your coach to move you further along your goals.

If you have several health goals you would like to achieve, or feel that you have a long way to go to achieve your goals, the 3-month coaching program may be more suitable for you. Read more about each service here.


✐ Do i need to restrict my portions and count calories?

While there is a time and place for this, we generally do not advocate counting calories - it is not a sustainable practice and perpetuates a mindset of restriction and deprivation (read our article on the problems with calorie counting here!). Learning to listen to your body's hunger and satiation cues is part of the coaching process. When eating nutrient-dense whole foods and practicing mindful eating, it is easier to tune in to your body's appetite (and reduces overeating/emotional eating). We also abide by the rule of inclusion rather than exclusion - increasingly eating more healthy foods will eventually crowd out the unhealthy foods.


✐ What results can I expect?

Expect to have better weight management, sleep, increased energy, mental clarity, improved mood, clearer skin, stronger hair, a reduction in cholesterol, blood pressure, joint pain, chronic illnesses, and a healthier relationship with food and your body.

Please note that results vary between individuals. Results are dependent on many factors such as your individual goals and adherence to the program. While our coaches make every effort to customize the program based on your current health condition, lifestyle, goals, readiness, and willingness to change, there are other factors that are outside our control. Drop us a call if you have any concerns or would like to chat more about how we can support you.


✐ Can a health coach diagnose my health conditions or prescribe medication?

It is not within our scope of work as a health coach to diagnose specific medical conditions or to prescribe medication. It is an individual's personal responsibility to consult directly with their health care provider before, during, and after nutrition coaching.

Any information or advice provided by our coaches is not intended to be a replacement for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment for any medical condition. Any information or advice is to be solely relied upon as nutritional and lifestyle recommendations towards supporting a healthier body and mind. Individuals should consult their health care provider before making any health care decisions or for advice about a specific medical condition. Where necessary, we may refer you to the relevant health professionals.

Please refer to our Terms of Service (Disclaimer) for more information.