Hi, welcome to Wellness with Tish!

We believe that health is for everyone, no matter where you are in your journey.

Why We Do What We Do

We all know the struggles – wanting to eat healthily but not knowing where to start; being confused by the wealth of (sometimes contradictory!) information out there; falling off the wagon time and time again because, well, life is to be enjoyed and we aren’t meant to be obsessing about food or dieting our way through it.

"You are what you eat"
isn't just a cliché

The food you put into your body impacts not just health, but also your emotional state, relationships, career, and ultimate happiness. 



Our 3 Principles

First, we believe in a holistic approach to health. Weight management is only one aspect of health - quick fixes and fad diets may work in the short run, but do not produce sustainable, lasting results. We know the importance of developing a healthy relationship with food, of learning to eat mindfully, and of making health and fitness part of a lifestyle.

Second, we believe in the healing power of food. Research increasingly shows that health problems such as heart disease, type-2 diabetes, autoimmune conditions, digestive issues, cancer, skin conditions, mood disorders and even developmental disorders begin in the gut. Many of these health conditions can be prevented, improved, or even reversed with proper nutrition.

Finally, we believe that YOU are the expert when it comes to your own body. A coach merely comes alongside to educate, empower and motivate you towards your health goals.


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Tisha started out as a Psychologist, working with children with special needs. While she loved what she did, she struggled with body image issues, constant dieting and weight fluctuations. After lapsing into a second bout of an eating disorder which resulted in her burning out physically, emotionally and mentally, she decided to leave her job in 2015. This sparked a 9-month solo trip around the world, where while practicing yoga and immersing in the health and wellness community in each city she visited, she discovered her true passion in health.

Tisha went on to obtain accreditation as a Certified Health Coach from Dr Sears Wellness Institute as a way of combining her background in psychology with her passion for health. She also has a Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University and graduated from the Plant-Based (Sports) Nutrition Program by Brendan Brazier. Personal experiences (with healing her own eczema, reversing a pre-cancerous condition and managing an autoimmune thyroid disease), together with her work with clients, eventually led Tisha to found Wellness with Tish. She truly believes in the power of food to heal the body (she is living proof of this!) and to transform us into the best versions of ourselves.