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Elijah A., age 27
(Lost 6 kg in 3 months)

"Tisha is professional and very knowledgeable. I found her to be emotionally and psychologically perceptive to her client's needs. She created a safe and nurturing environment for learning about my body and tracking my progress and development. Overall, I found her to be client-focused, responsive, and practical in the presentation and communication of her approach. Through her coaching program, I was able to make a much-needed lifestyle change, especially as I am training to be an athlete. An enjoyable and enriching experience to say the least!"


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Peter side progress testimonial.JPG

Peter J., age 58
(Lost 2kg in 6 weeks)

"I never realized how important my health was until I started aging. I now have more energy and better sleep, especially after losing weight around my stomach. I am also more motivated to exercise. Tisha made nutrition concepts simple and easy to follow. She was always accessible whenever I needed to ask questions and checked up on my progress regularly. She combined empathy and experience to deliver an invaluable service. Since I have been equipped with the knowledge and tools through her coaching program, I am confident my weight loss journey can continue. Thanks Tisha!"


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June S., Age 48, Mother of 2
(Lost 3kg of body fat in 3 months)

"It is clear to see Tisha's enthusiasm for health. She is genuine and authentic which helps to create trust. I learnt how to read food labels, choose healthier items at the grocery store, and prepare them at home. I now cook healthier meals for my whole family. Most importantly, I no longer feel bad or guilty after eating. I am able to have a healthier relationship with food. My whole family has benefited from eating better."

Jeannette C., Age 54, Mother of 4

"Tisha's program helped me to make better judgments on what goes into my body. What I found really helpful was the weekly nutritional education that was provided. Tisha guided me towards making small changes to my lifestyle that enabled me to make healthier food choices. For example, I now keep a container of fresh cut fruits in my fridge so that when I have the urge to snack on something sweet, I choose fruits instead of biscuits or ice cream. Before I started the 6-week program, I was unaware that I did not drink any plain water. All I drank was coffee, tea, and sweetened drinks. After learning the importance of hydration, I now keep a flask of plain water at my desk to drink throughout the day. Lastly, learning to read food labels was eye-opening for me. I have learnt that the fine print at the back of the package matters more than the flashy claims at the front of the package. All the knowledge I have gained has enabled me to make a true, long-term lifestyle change, instead of looking for a quick-fix."