Individualized Coaching

We offer our fully customizable signature 6-week coaching program, an intensive 3-month coaching program, or a 1-time health discovery consultation session. 


Sample Coaching Schedule

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6
Initial Health Questionnaire Caloric Density Approach Supermarket Tour Pantry Makeover Gut Health Detoxification
General Coaching Information Traffic Light Eating Reading Food Labels Meal Prep Tips and Recipes Health Alternatives while Eating Out Optimal Sleep
General Health Principles Refined Vegetable Oils Identifying Hidden Food Additives Excitotoxins Mindful Eating Managing Stress
General Nutrition Principles Carbohydrates and Grains Healthy Food Substitutions Dairy and Gluten (Common Allergens) Sports Nutrition
Dirty Dozen vs Clean Fifteen Dietary Acids and Bases Simple Home Exercises

What to Expect

  • 6-week, 6 session, 1 hr per week

  • Initial Health Assessment Questionnaire

    • We thoroughly assess your health goals, current eating habits, lifestyle, health conditions and motivation

  • Educational Nutrition and Health Resources

    • Learn about Gut Health, Caloric Density of foods, Identifying Food Additives, Common Food Allergens, Excitotoxins, Mindful Eating, Sports Nutrition, Stress Management, Optimal Sleep, and much more!

    • Weekly Progress Monitoring Tools, Handouts and Checklists

    • Meal Plans, Recipes, and Meal Preparations tips

  • Supermarket Tour

    • Learn how to read food labels, navigate the grocery store, and choose items that support your health goals

  • Pantry Makeover

    • Go through your pantry, fridge, and detox your kitchen

  • Fitness Session (optional)

Results and Goals

  • No longer needing to diet or count calories, for LIFE

  • Having the freedom to enjoy food without feeling guilty or obsessing about food

  • Learning which foods you can eat an abundance of and still lose weight

  • Identifying and understanding your eating patterns better (e.g. emotional eating, overeating)

  • Being better able to listen to your body's hunger and satiation cues

  • Learning to navigate the grocery store and eating out without compromising your health goals

  • Having the confidence to prepare simple, healthy meals for yourself and your family

  • Having improved sleep, energy levels, mood, digestion, skin, and weight management

  • Experiencing less stress and more productivity at work


Receive all the features of the signature 6-week program, with the benefit of continued goal setting and accountability over a 3-month duration. Our coaches will continue to set goals for you, provide accountability measures, monitor your progress, and motivate you towards your health goals.


Want to find out more about your health but not sure whether coaching is right for you?

Embark on your health discovery journey with us. Allow us to conduct a health assessment questionnaire, chat with you about your health concerns, your health goals, and current lifestyle. No obligations or up-sell - just you and us talking honestly about your health.

Corporate events and group workshops

We offer workshops and talks to groups and businesses. Whether you are a gym, school, or corporate organization, we can curate a nutrition and wellness talk or hands-on workshop depending on your needs.


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